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T324- Keeping ahead in information and communication technologies

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Okay, so it's time to  update my blog here on  OU. I have been busy getting a head start on my materials for my new module, T324- Keeping ahead in information and communication technologies. The module began on  October 4th, but  I actually received my books and audio/visual material a month before. Consequently, I have a good read of block one, parts 1-4, to familiarise myself with the territory to be conquered so to speak.

T324 deals with topics that its little brother T215 dealt with, so it I don't anticipate any major problems. There are some new formulae to learn though,to deal with.  and like all through this degree, there is always new mathematics to deal with.

In preparation for the module,  I also discovered or rediscovered, amateur radio, and my wife, Tempie and I decided to become members of our local amateur radio club. We have since signed up to do the foundation course in November, then to move on to the more advanced intermediate and full licence. The reason why I decided to give my self the added burden of studying  amateuer radio with T324, is because both seem to complement each other in terms of the studying to the wireless technologies.

Because the Open University is a distant-learning organisation, albeit with some day-schools and face to face tutorials,  I found the rubbing shoulders with the folks at the club, buying some equipment  and reading additional information on radio spectrum and the like, it make the OU teachings come alive, and also supplements my study for the Foundation exam.

Anyway, I'm rambling on... if you care to you could like my  Open University page on  

Facebook  https://www.facebook.com/albertwilliamsBScComputingandIT?ref=bookmarks where I share more tits and bits on my study journey.

So until next time.


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