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Dream of my life

Visible to anyone in the world

Just had the dream of my life. 

The characters are Adam, my Dad, Lee and David Ramsey. 

I come to, I am in my bedroom and I somehow have the option to gain video access to Adam's bedroom. But do I use that access? The access is there but I never get round to using it. 

In any case, Adam is coming over. He comes over. But somehow I have wind of the fact that Adam is not so much "for" me, but against me, in many ways. 

He has been working on Balance Inc, his work that involves writing songs, writing films and writing a book. 

And yet Adam is against me, pretending to be my friend. But somehow I have wind of that, and it eventually transpires that I can see he is using me, and I am the subject of a prank film he is making. 

"What shall I say to him," says Adam to a female accomplice, a neighbour of mine who tells him his motivation. I forget the motivating line. 

I get Dad involved. Dad is clearly on my side. He gives me support and advice, and backs me all the way. The three of us are in the garage when Dad and I confront Adam. "Adam, this is all fake!" we say. 

Adam draws a gun. 

"Fine," I say. "Shoot me!" 

Adam shoots me in the heart, but I am still alive and I rough-talk Adam to the point that he shoots himself in the head, through guilt. 

But Adam is still alive. 

A great battle ensues. Adam is strong, and in real life stronger than me and would wallop me. But in this dream I match him, and we fight, I guess, and then... all of a sudden... when the fight is over... 

We sit down. 

We watch the television. 

Lee has finally made a film. It's a stop motion plasticine and Lego movie. It's brilliant, so far. I mean it's incredible. 

And in fact, the film is about the altercation that just now took place. 

We see myself represented. I am sitting at a desk, ready to masturbate, but I pause and wait, and don't masturbate, and the scene is a deep and in depth representation of my life. 

The we see a similar shot of Adam, and he masturbates, and has a great, straight time, and our bodies are plasticine, and the film is astounding! 

But the contrast is about a rivalry between us, me and Adam, and the rivalry is exemplified by Lee's film, and there are all types of details, common to dreams, that are awesome but you cannot for the life of you remember what they are. 

But the positive side of this movie that Lee is creating is that Adam and I are, in the end, besties - best friends - and it turns out that - in the film - from the film's success, Adam's and my band have been signed. The feeling is immense! Finally! 

And Lee has animated to a recent live show of mine, and he gets everything right, and it's awesome. 

The scenery is plasticine and Lego stop-motion animation, and buildings shift and change and are beautiful. 

Meanwhile, David is here, and Adam has a girlfriend, but I have forgotten David's name. I finally work it out, and also, I need to get jacked for the film, and I do get jacked. 

And I remember David's name, finally, and I hug him, and he is hot for me, and we become an item. 

But I woke up. 

And my whole was fake. 

And you were fake. 

And the Israel-Gaza war was fake. 

And I had to kill myself. 

So I came online, and I bought a Nintendo online pass. And I played a little Nintendo. 

And now I'm writing here. 

And now I've got to get on with my life. 

Therein lies the tale. 


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at home

A series of dreams.

Visible to anyone in the world

I just now awoke from a series of several illuminating dreams. Let me see if I can get them down. 

The first begins with my guitar - an Epiphone SG Prophecy - and my father, and we are in some room.... there is some concrete... there is another young man playing a riff... from Spinal Tap... and he's encouraging me to play, but my guitar has turned into a bass guitar... the strings are quite loose... 

Then I am at a funeral. It is the funeral of a local guy. And here he is... Lee is here... and we seem to be watching a film or documentary the film maker has made. There are several scenes, but the most illuminating one is one in which we witness, at the end of the funeral, a friend of the deceased throwing away some trash, and doing so with the adopted characteristics of the deceased, in a way in which to suggest, that when we die we pass on our traits to our friends and family; they adopt our traits. The film is very beautiful... Lee has done a brilliant job. The deceased seems to be an avuncular man, perhaps an Edgware character, perhaps my uncle. Lee walks off into Edgware somewhere, and I try to follow, but go another way. 

I find myself at home. My house is very beautiful. There are renovations going on, or the house has been recently renovated. The main room is my bedroom at the top of the house. I have a collection of little figurines. I decide to leave the figurines around the house. The figurines have an extra feature - say a small item that is placed on the base. I decided to place them around the house. And here he is... Scott is here. But Scott is nice... brotherly... the Scott we once all knew. My house is very nice and large... my guitar is in the bedroom. I leave the bedroom and go into the garden. Mother is there. There are a lot of people and a lot of rooms. When I go back up to my bedroom, which I must do because... here she is... Tamsin is here, I find the normal access has changed and I can no longer fit through the hatch. But I have given possession of the room to Tamsin, and she has been working on the decorating. I go in by another route, or do so somehow, and Tamsin has changed the room into a tearoom. By my recommendation, Tamsin has written a book. She gives it to me to read. I look somewhere in the middle of the book - she has amazing handwriting. But she urges me to read from the beginning, and I do so. The handwriting is worse. But the stories seem to manifest in the form of paintings on the walls of the tearoom, my bedroom. Tamsin loves me, it seems, and the painting depicts myself beneath a starry sky, reading a book, and we hear a bang, and I have shot myself in the head, and my soul has spread out - weakly - through the sky. Then Tamsin herself is depicted in the image, beneath me at the foot of a hill, and she is reading, yet her soul, while manifesting the same weakness, is smaller, more compact, and happier and closer to her head. The painting is beautiful. The book is really good. Tamsin and I lay on the bed, but we are not alone, it seems. Behind us, in the bed, is another man - a younger man - who seems like... here he is... Nick Warman... and Tamsin has been courting Nick for some time, and although jealous, I bite the bullet and accept Nick, and he seems like a perfect partner for Tamsin. When I leave the bed, I have his cum on my hands, somehow. 

That's all that really happened in the dream. 

Anyway, that's it. 


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