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Money and coincidences - a dream.

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I was wondering when these nights would come around again. Many nights I often have certain special and illuminating dreams in which the message is clear - be they set at a festival in which my capacities as a messiah are made clear through my interactions with other punters, or set on some one of the seven moons that surround heaven, wherein the importance of the bible is exaggerated. 

Yes, it seems I am religious. 

But the dream I just had has given me food for thought. 

In dream, a friend of mine owed me a grand and a half. By the time it came to pay me back, my friend went into his home, collected a batch of A4 sheets of paper - upon which was printed, not money, but the details which one could input into your computer, so that the money would turn up in your account. 

He gave me a handful of these sheets, and I recognised their value. Some of his batch flew away in the wind, and I, knowing their worth, went to pick them up. 

"So, you just input the details into your computer and the money turns up?" I queried my friend. 

When I looked into my account, although expecting there to be millions, I found my grand and a half was indeed repaid. 

My sister drove us all, in my friend's Mercedes, away from gangsters as fast as possible, one time become stuck at an overpass, and soon being released by a passer-by, Dom Joly, who walked a route that unlocked out pathway. 

Now at home, in my apartment, my sister, my friend and I present, I suggest to my friend that we go on Reddit and print off more of these sheets. My friend is initially sceptical, but sees the benefit. And meanwhile, my friend being ostensibly a millionaire, he communicates with other rich friends, who seem to have figured out that there is "nobody behind the screen". A couple of gratuitous coincidences prove this thought. 

And that is the thought that wakes me up, and I begin to search online for ways to make money. 

I daresay, if I were any more disingenuous, I would buy into this "empty life" idea. But the first thing I see when I go online is my sister posting on Facebook about her seven year old son. Perhaps there is something in it, but it will only manifest itself in my life in a financial way. 

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at home

Coincidental dream

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Last night I dreamed a strange dream...

I was in the shower and I... there was an obligation... an obligation that I procreate with my brother's wife, in order to reproduce a child, that was a "brother/cousin" to my brother's child, Sia, whom we would call Mia. 

Before that, however, I was reading a book to my sister. The book was like the bible, yet it was a Charles Dickens book, and we accessed parts of it via Alexa, the electrical assistant. I drew in that book, and improved a drawing by fine lines on a the previous picture. It was a very touching moment. 

So, Fiona and I were to reproduce, and whether we did or not is undisclosed, but certainly, there was Kate Burton, with whom I ended up actually having a child with... in the shower. We had a beautiful child, and were married, and on the wedding day, our family had to help my brother, Ryan, to come of age, and all we had to do in this endeavour was, at the penultimate moment, to bring him aware of his own scent, and then Ryan had come of age. 

And then I had my child, and we had a happy life, me and Kate. And things went from strength to strength. The boy grew up, and there were ups and there were downs - with Mia's head coming off at one stage. 

But Mia was to be a success, it being that we were a successful family. We took him, at the right age, into a music studio to make music. And Mia was successful. Yet, he was so lazy - so terribly and unfortunately lazy - that he could never impress his father. It was with stupidity and carelessness that Mia came into all sorts of money, for the most part guaranteed by his father. 

Mia had so much money, by dint of his father's success, that he had accumulated all manner of collections, including a sports card collection so vast that he'd even collected numerous rare combinations of these without even knowing it. 

It was then with regret and humility that father had to break the news to Mia... Mia, he began. You've won the lottery! 

For in his past, Mia was heir to the McFlys, a family who'd travelled in time and accumulated my wealth. 

There were many coincidences in these scenes, many coincidences indeed. But after all these coincidences, there was finally that one solitary coincidence, that one stupid and hapless coincidence, that saved us all. 

In the mire of coincidences, within which nothing could be done to save the laziness and carelessness of Mia McFly, finally there was an electrical rod that was able to pair with another electrical rod of somewhat slightly longer length. 

And the McFlys were saved. 

The end. 

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