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What about the kids, man?

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Hi, how are you, and hello. 

What are we going to do about our kids, man? Are they becoming feral in the wake of lockdown rules? How will they adjust to going back to school? 

You can imagine they might become the delinquents of the future, and call themselves the "Covid Kids", or the "coronavirus era punks" or something much better. I'm worried, I tell you. Because whilst all the teachers are having the time of their lives, acting like they are on holiday, these kids are not getting an education. It is something we must ultimately think about carefully. There is going to be a whole generation of uneducated people, who will blame it on the "Covid-19 lockdown era education lapse." We need to reach out right now. It's not as though we are bereft of educational facilities, now is it?  

What are we going to do about our kids? 

I haven't yet personally seen many examples of outrageous delinquent behaviour, and I suspect that's because we have all had to share the difficulty of quarantine, etc. And there will be a great deal of youngsters who are able to keep up with the curriculum. But not every child is a "nerd" and willing to do home study. I'm just worried we're going to have to deal with a slump, in the form of a generational education gap. What are these kids doing for inspiration? Is government thinking about them, or has it forgotten about them? 

Whereas if this situation had happened to me when I was in the final years of high school I would have probably gone into a great life sleep, perhaps (and I hope) we are wiser now, and perhaps we can deal with it. 

Yet I predict that there will be something akin to a quantum mechanical "doping hole" that will appear in the system, and there will be nothing to blame but the state of the age. This hole will move up the generations like a bubble in a tube, and have detrimental effects on progress of society, and finance, and politics. They'll be completely left out. The country will suffer. 

I personally believe that now is the time to gather up our senses, and engage enough that we deal with this foreseeable issue, by making education a priority over, say, what we're going to do for our holidays. Because it is evident that there will be a residual effect not only in educational capabilities, but also attitudes to education. An entire section of our society are not getting an education. And, without blaming them, it will only turn out to be a disaster if we don't appreciate what is happening with our kids. 

In addition to this, the whole of the above needn't be an issue, in light of the fact that we have the entirety of human knowledge at our fingertips. So, provided parenting is not at risk of jeopardising the future of this anomaly of society, we'll be alright. But education should be a main concern. 

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