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Hello, my name is Tempie Williams. I am excited about being here at the Open University.  I will be attending the Understanding Management Open Course this Nov 2011 along with continuing my participation in the Open Learn study units of The Open University.

I currently live in Crawley and am happily married to a wonderful man, Albert, who is also enrolled here at the Open University, studying toward his BSc (Hons)Computing and IT. I chose to explore the Open Learn Units first because being American born and having obtained my BS degree from the USA back in 1976, I felt it might be best to help me become acquainted and adjusted better in developing my study techniques in a different country.

I am grateful to have been accepted into the Open University and the opportunity that they have afforded me. My first instinct was to jump right into the Master's Degree Program that I was accepted into but decided I should start at the ground floor level and work my way up earnestly; for financial reasons as well as wanting to obtain a BA (Honours) Business Studies first. Upon my first Open Learn unit a quote stated confirmed all of what I was feeling being in a new and exciting culture; " Rather than getting people to adopt a different culture than their own, you have to help them adapt their own style to a new culture.

And so it is with me having been born in America in 1954 in Memphis, Tennessee, USA. I lived their for twenty five years and moved and lived the next twenty five years  in Chicago, Illinois, USA. Having work experience in sales, education, and management in the Cable TV and Hospital Laboratory Systems; it was fate that in 2005 destined me at 50 years old, to become a published author, meet my husband and choose to migrate to live in the United Kingdom.

Since then, I have actually enjoyed the wonders of life I had only dreamt of earlier. Now along with my husband we have started our own business that both our studies will continue to help us grow as well as better ourselves in current knowledge and technology. I am all the more determined with the love and support of a wonderful man and a wonderful life. The Open University is a blessing for us both in so very many ways. I can't express how very thrilled I am at the opportunities here at the Open University. Now, enough of me for now as I look forward to another adventure and journey in re developing my studies. I will take it slow and learn from others to develop my own style putting my best forward...


Tempie Williams

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