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Edited by Tempie Williams, Friday, 2 May 2014, 04:04

I think for some people being away from higher education for a great many years would be a reason to question a lot  of things. Do I still have it? Am I too old? Can I  relate to the younger generation and how they think? So for me having been out for a little over 35 years , now in a different country , where the culture is basically the opposite in almost every aspect of the culture I grew in in and know and with hearing difficulties in both my ears now, I have a different question that I ask myself. Have I literally lost my mind? 


You see, for me, whether I have lost my mind or not, I am loving every waking minute of my journey. So at 57 years young now, living in Crawley, England, of the UK having been born in Memphis, TN of the USA, I start my second Open University Course B190 Introduction to Bookkeeping and Accounting officially on May 1st!  I have already received all my course materials  and I have already started with the activities and am not finding it all as difficul as I had imagined. In fact my thought processes are working out nicely. There are not enough hours in the day or night to get all the studying in along with all of my other daily wifely responsibilities. I am so very motivated and my inspiration seems to keep getting bigger and better.


Not to mention, I have a husband , who I think is probably the only other person that I think at this point is more excited than I am because he starts his 5th Open University Course  B120 Business Studies on May 1st too! What is absolutelty ironic is that we actually enjoy being each other's support. So if this is what it feels like losing your mind,  I want to stay lost! All of the questions I asked from the start can be answered for me as well as my husband with very simple answers which just keep us going. I say' we' now because it is not just about 'me' but' us.' Age just simply doesn't matter to either of us because we both feel the older we are getting the better we are becoming.  We think we are growing up, finally. The more we have learned the more we want to learn. The more obstacles or challenges that await us the more we are determined to figure it out and find the solutions.


So, as I close for today, I will know it has been beautiful and that tommorrow will be even better with each aspect of my life in it's own place and time. B190 Introduction to Bookkeeping and Accounting, I am so very ready for you!   



Tempie still on the move...


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