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Excited and Pleased To Take My First Journey at Open University...

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Edited by Tempie Williams, Friday, 2 May 2014, 04:06

Today marks another very special day to me.  I just received all my materials for my Y159: Understanding Management opening course at Open University. Everything arrived earlier than I had anticipated and I am so very impressed before my Nov 1st start date.  I have ample time to properly get my self better organized and in the right study mindset.  I am looking forward to a wonderful journey.

As I unpacked and checked off to make sure everything was here, much started going through my mind and because Open University understands completely what each new student will go through; I followed their instructions and  watched the DVD and my mind became at ease, I began to smile. It was as though all of what was said throughout the DVD  I could readily relate to and became an immediate source of inspiration.  

You see, I have loved watching my husband, Albert as he started his Open University journey now a year ago and has successfully passed his two modules M150 and T175  toward his BSc ( Honours) Computing and IT. He is now taking TM128 and T156 modules.  I have watched him grow as a committed student and a wonderful husband while working full time , never loosing focus of any of his responsibilites and keeping me  motivated to the fullest.

My journey at Open University is just starting and will be a bit different as  I  received my BS (honors) degree over twenty years ago as well as been in management all in another country.   Today has truly confirmed Y159: Understanding Management is exactly what I need to get me back into the higher learning, focusing on management in a different country with a different culture mindset.

Now, I will take it one step at a time and work hard doing what I love doing as well. To be able to apply all that I know and I will learn is exciting and a welcome experience.

Thank you  Open University, you are such a continual blessing to both my husband and I in our business as well as our personal development.


Tempie Williams

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