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My New Discovery and Passion of Sketching

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Edited by Tempie Williams, Friday, 2 May 2014, 04:09

I would like to share here a new discovery and passion that actually started a little over two months ago. I'm excited about it because as with most things lately it was discovered purely by accident on June 10, 2011.

How It All Started

I remember it so very vividly because it was my husband’s birthday and I wanted to do something creative, something different, a real surprize.  I wondered what could I give someone who had given me his heart and the world? What could I do that would truly surprize him and that he would have no idea I could do? Just like himself, he already knew my musical and writing abilities, so singing or writing another song  he would appreciate but it wouldn’t be a surprize. And then, I looked straight in front of me and saw his lovely picture and to my own surprize, the more I doodled the more I thought  to myself it started to resemble him. The real beauty was when he saw it, the first thing he did was smile and say, ” This looks like me, who drew this? “  For me my birthday gift had been an absolute success and the rest is history. From then until now I have totally enjoyed doing raw sketches.

I'll share here my latest of the late Amy Winehouse and my first is my husband (Albert Williams) on the following blog.

My Tribute to the late Amy Winehouse (14 September 1983 – 23 July 2011). May she rest in peace. *In this sketch I loved trying to capture the sweet wholesomeness and innocence that I saw in the photograph below. Her music and spirit will live on...

My Raw Sketch

The Photo sketched from is below

photo sketched from

Click on this link to see all my sketches I had done to date. 


Tempie Williams




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