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My First Sketch of My Husband

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(Continued From My Last Blog)

I will post a Picture of My First Sketch of My Husband  (Albert Williams) Below that I did as his birthday gift

Making My Sketches Special

I like the idea that when I am inspired by a feature, a photo, a person or even a thing, I try to capture in my sketch that  inspiration. Some have actually turned out better than others. Just like my fiction writing and writing my novel, I enjoy having the opportunity to create, develop and nurture an idea to bring it to life and be able to make it turn out the way you wish it could or would be, rather than how it actually is.  For an example on my second sketch I drew my parents who both died a month apart several years ago. For me to be able to sketch them brought both of them back to life for me ; and to be able to sketch the watches that I knew they each had given one another when they were alive into the drawing just made it all so very special.  Another very special addition was to be able to sketch my husband sitting inside our new car he had just bought for us a couple of years ago, having just passed his driving test.  To be able to sketch him in his glory of having his dreadlocks and beard was another  joy for me. Being Rastafarian all his life he has always had them and when he had to cut them only God has seen them until now they have grown back and beautifully.

Sketching Quickly has been better for Me

Another aspect of my sketching that I first noticed and then my husband immediately noticed is the speed in which it takes.  For me once I have the idea and/or inspiration it only takes minutes to complete. In fact, many times I have finished so quickly, that I thought I must go back and change this or that and each time I did that I realized it was best to not change what I had sketched because it is what I had felt at the time. I know I have a lot to learn and in time and with more practice I’ll get better but at this point I am so very pleased. To be able to  take a thought or idea or photo , etc and  try to capture with only pencils has been like the creation of a story or my novel except it takes it to another level for me. It puts substance and form and becomes that vision that can not only be heard and felt but seen as well. My new discovery is great and I look forward to taking it to the highest level I can. I especially am grateful to so very many friends and family in addition to my husband, who is my number one fan to continually encourage and support my efforts. I  Thank and appreciate each of you.

My First Sketch of My Husband



Tempie Williams



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