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Activity 14 - comparing MOOCs

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Edited by Amanda Harrington-Vail, Thursday, 24 Apr 2014, 14:29


DS106 although initially attractive graphically, it did not seem to have any clear direction and I thought it would be quite possible to lose a few hours (or even days) caught up in its maze. Therefore I decided it wasn’t for me.



ChangeMOOC I found, to be frank, really dull. It just did not inspire me to want to find out what it was all about.

Udacity did not seem to offer anything more than anyone can already get on YouTube tutorials.


General approach and philosophy

FutureLearn – I did not date look at this one because I’ve completed two courses and am working through another two at the moment. If I looked at the site I was concerned about getting side-tracked. For me these are ideal. Attractive, easy to find topics of interest and enjoyable to participate in.

Coursera – I looked at several and they gained my interest, apart from most of them ran for about 6-8 weeks which I think is too long.

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