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Edited by Emily Blakey, Tuesday, 11 Oct 2011, 14:34


This is sensible fullstop.

In my view, the west (Europe and America) should acknowlege and apologise for their effect on middle eastern countries.

I know it sounds naive and unimportant, but, often acknowlegment and apology is what people need.

For example, in the compensation culture of America, doctors are not allowed to apologise for fear of strengthening someones legal case against them. But, I read somewhere (sorry, cant remember, you will have to search to find it), that some hospitals have tried a different tack, they allow apology and listen to the complaints, and, instead of resulting in more compensation payouts, they are being sued less. Some people only sue to get the acknowlegement that what a doctor did was negligent. Of course others sue for different reasons too...

So, we hear about "Islam" all the time now...I fear its going to become more extreme as times goes by...for crying out loud please please governments stop playing the technically PC correct game. Say sorry. Stop intefereing in the middle east only when it suits your aims, have more integrity. Stop the PC playing lip service to minorities (in the UK) and instead truly treat minorities as citizens of the country, and insist on integration (in schools etc). Religion should not be governments concern at all, schools, roads, hospitals etc are governments concern. Government should actually specify what its remit is for all to see, because in the UK we don't have that laid out. Then stick to it.

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