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5 years later...!

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Edited by Rebecca Strachan, Sunday, 2 Oct 2022, 20:09

Since my last post I have...
- completed level 2, with a distinction for both modules! 🏆
- left the police as it was terrible for my mental health! I now work in tech/configuration 💻
- quit ballet (I passed the intermediate foundation exam! But my ankle flexibility was too poor to continue any further as the pointework would be too dangerous for me) 🩰
- found a new passion in aerial hoop! 🤸‍♀️
- bought a house and 2 very fluffy cats! 😻

After a 3 year break I'm just beginning my level 3 studies with DD310 - combining my interests in people, in mental health, in criminality/policing, and the intersections between them (particularly the overrepresentation of PDs in prison, and the general poor understanding, stigma, and difficulties of treating PDs). I'm nervous about the assignments but I'll do my best to get good grades for my first level 3 module!

I don't need to choose my dissertation topic yet, but I am currently leaning towards something relating to mental health in prison populations. A local councillor often stops by my house to say hello when he's out on his walk - when I mentioned resuming my studies to him, he told me he could get me into Broadmoor, if I wanted! Once I have a solid dissertation idea, I may take him up on that offer.

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