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Edited by Jonathan Vernon, Tuesday, 20 Mar 2012, 04:43


In a moment of possible abject folly a conversation that spiralled into something else earlier this week prompted me to set up a discussion group 'Dead Persons Talking' (on Linkedin) and a website www.deadpersontalking.com.

A year ago I set up a Book of Condolences website which drew over 100 responses.

What struck me, on a personal level, is my love for a long gone grandfather and the desire to continue conversations with my late father too.

What if they were still around and could join discussions?

I feel I knew both well, indeed I interviewed my late grandfather at length, transcribed this and put it in the blog www.getjackback.wordpress.com

Let's see.

The idea is to open the blog www.deadpersontalking.com to many authors who may wish to come in.

On verra.

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