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B822 : Book 3 : Notes

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B822 Book 3

The best possible way to take on board all the design considerations is to involve all the affected parties right from the outset vs. institutionalised redesign.


Keep teams small  
Tolerate Failure  
Motivate the champions  
Stay close to the customer  
Share the wealth  
Don't kill the project

Mitchell (1989)

In Book 3 P45 Innovation in Practice

"Find the inventors and don't get in their way'. Theodore Rosevelt. Mitchell (1989.181)

"The public does not know what we can do .. Any amount of market research would not have told Sony what to do." Akio Morita (1988:188)


Mitchell, R. "Masters of innovation: how 3m keeps its products coming". 10th April 1989, Business Week. Also in Henry,J and Walker,D (eds) 1991b

Morita, A (1988) Made in Japan. Glasgow. Fontana  Nurturing and involving people.  Pfeffer (1994) p57 BK 3, Competitive Advantage through people. California Management Review. 36, 2 Winter. Also in Henry, J and Mayle, D (eds) 2002


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