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E-Learning is dead, long live 'learning'

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Its taken a while but learning is learning wherever it might be presented and as having stuff online to do, in part or entirely is standard practice it is just 'learning' - not online learning, digital learning, e-learning, eLearning or whatever terms we made up and have used for the last 20 years.

CPD units online are thrown out like unread emails - things staff are invited to (told to) , expected to complete. As if 'we' aren't already buried in emails, chats, action networks, Slack, WhatsApp, messages and the like. No one EVER uses the house phone. No one ever really rings at all ... 

It is forever 'fall' ... and we risk, always, being buried in the litter of messages coming our way. Miss one and you are likely to get called out, not reply within minutes ... and people worry if you are ill. 

I think I've clicked enough boxes on the iPhone to ensure that inside certain house alerts and messages are set aside to gather dust (and risk being buried and lost of course).

I need a holiday from all access to all things digital - this used to be achieved sailing offshore or going up a mountain, but in both cases now you come across people with a single, making calls, taking calls, using an app, watching a film, taking and sharing selfies ... 

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