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Edited by Jonathan Vernon, Friday, 14 June 2019, 15:00

To join a political party (Greens).

To stand as a Town Councillor and be elected. 

To attend a Party Conference.

To speak and vote at the party Conference. 

To attend my first Town Council Meeting.

Does this give me a sense of purpose?

We happen to be running 'Green Week' at GB MET all week so coming out of the conference I was keen to get the students to think about all things 'Green' and log onto Planet eStream where I have programmes and playlists for them.

A hard sell:

They are in exams, or just about to have exams ... or have had exams.

if it won't come up on their phone they are not interested. I pointed out that they could log in via their phone.

Having that stats I know that 14 did on Wednesday, 3 did yesterday and I'd be surprised if any at all did today.

The only person I spoke to today, oddly enough, was Caroline Lucas, who I found in reception a couple of hours ago. We'd already met at the Spring Conference and have missed each other at least twice in Lewes where it is easy for her to come over and give support from her Brighton & Hove constituency.

Next up a Green MP for Lewes District? 


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