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I'm a sucker for the numbers game. I thought getting to a million views was enough. Suddenly I see another goal. Time was that this would be achieved in 181 days: I posted every day without fail for at least the first year of my OU MA degree. 

I currently post about twice a month. The OU will kill off my blog before I get to 5,000 posts as it is now 18 months since I was doing an OU degree. I think we have three years grace here, after which I will be toppled like a redundant Lenin statue and the next best thing will take over. My former tutor, Christopher Douce who has a far bigger following/readership if you measure it by the audience he gets to far, far fewer posts. He writes long, very long ... you get your money's worth of 2,000 even 3,000 words coverage. 

I tend to be more pithy and self-indulgent. 

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