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I'm reminded of the character who invited me to sit in on a rehearsal for a conference or lecture you wish to give recruitment or referrals as a form of recruitment.

And it was that practice exercise with eight, nine or ten family and friends that he used to hone what spawned into lecture series and then a book.

It must therefore be the case that practice or rehearsal, like any performance, is required before the main event - unless of course treated like stand-up comedy and you learn on the job on the other hand maybe that is what teaching is about that it is.

What I consider not so great is that one's first endeavors should be the ones that are graded when you had no opportunity to practice for five minutes, in front of a group or 10 minutes in front group, let alone 15 minutes.

On the other hand as a trainee teacher I would have been expected to have been in the class for many hours a week teaching in any case; that would have afforded me plenty of practice, simply overcoming nerves at the beginning. 

I start to reflect on my preference for the end of year exam. You spend the year rehearsing responses in practice essays and tutorials. By the time you get to the examination room you will have refined, improved and concentrated your thoughts on a subject. What is the point of grading someone within a few months of starting a new course?

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