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H800:71 Wk13&14 Practice-based learning

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Edited by Jonathan Vernon, Sunday, 4 May 2014, 11:51

This takes a study introduced this week on learner experiences of distance learning and brings it up to date with the following practice-based learning research.



Word icon PBLXP_student case_Amy Business (Word file, 50k)

Word icon PBLXP_student case_Andrew Computing (Word file, 56k)

Word icon PBLXP_case study_Alan MEng (Word file, 50k)

Word icon PBLXP_student case_Barry Computing (Word file, 51k)

Word icon PBLXP_student case_Brenda Social Work (Word file, 51k)

Word icon PBLXP_student case_Carol Social Work (Word file, 49k)

Word icon PBLXP_student case_Denise Social Work (Word file, 45k)

Word icon PBLXP_student case_Derek Technology(Word file, 51k)

Word icon PBLXP_student case_Doreen Business (Word file, 42k)

Word icon PBLXP_student case_Eric MEng (Word file, 189k)

Word icon PBLXP_student case_Francis Technology(Word file, 50k)

Word icon PBLXP_student case_Frank Business (Word file, 46k)

Word icon PBLXP_student case_George Business (Word file, 45k)

Word icon PBLXP_student case_Brian Social Work (Word file, 47k)

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