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Do not expectorate promiscuously !

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Edited by Jonathan Vernon, Wednesday, 5 Feb 2020, 14:22

1918 Precautions Against Influenza Poster

We could do with a lot of these up all over our campus. I'm not convinced many people will understand what to 'expectorate promiscuously' means. It could be put more bluntly. 'Don't violently or frequently sneeze your snot and germs around and about'.

Or some such.

The science of sneezing courtesy of MIT

A sneeze photographed in slow motion at M.I.T.

> The distance germs can travel

One powerful sneeze, unhindered, will fill a room.

> Allergies, sinus infections and sneezing ...

> Sneeze Reflex : Facts and Fiction

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Sanitizing Shared Spaces - is your hot desk a bed of germs?

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Edited by Jonathan Vernon, Wednesday, 5 Feb 2020, 11:13

A woman sneezing in front of a laptop

Are your computers ‘sanitized’ - given a clean - of any kind?

My concern for staff who hot desk (me) and students is that they will often sit down at a computer where someone has sneezed onto the keyboard and screen without any attempt whatsoever to shield their environment from the germs they are spreading.

I see this often. What about you?

The answer is to educate staff and students.     

Add cleaning keyboards and screens to what the cleaning staff do.

Get rid of the multitude of ‘Press this Button’ pads that used used to enter the building , and libraries and corridors.

Students and staff touch these repeatedly across the day so no wonder germs spread fast and so many people end up off ill.

Without frequent handwashing it is hardly surprising that so many people end up ill

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