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PowToon 'Video Creator'

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Edited by Jonathan Vernon, Friday, 10 Jan 2020, 15:15

PowToon video creator

Of value, or a distraction? Do animated graphics make a message any more or less memorable? If the script is bad not even Elton John is going to make it into a great tune.

But in the competition to distract eyeballs your way and off other devices perhaps this is the answer? Or one of them? (One of many, I've been introdocued to half a dozen similar product in the last couple of days). 

I've been introduced to these while studying for Google Educator Level 2 Certification. I'm so bored with it that I'm doing my learning in French.

I find the Google Training Center content turgid and unengaging. I therefore find it boring. I find the testimonials fake - unauthentic Americans gushing about how 'awesome' everything is. It is not. 

Google Educator Level 2 Module Two Test Results

Given my score perhaps I'd better go back to studying in English! Having a second stab at it I did rather better. This is me and 'multi-guess'. Why and got a better score and if I could replicate this in a formal test is another matter.

Google Educator Level 2 Module 3 Test Results in French

And eventually I got there. And maybe this is a good approach as I learnt a bit of French along the way!

Google Educator Level 2 Module 3 Test in French 100%

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Forever the Schoolboy

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I don't like to spend too long learning a new task - 45 minutes for a 'single period' or '90 minutes for a double' class if I remember.

This is the case today as I skip between laerning H5P and parts of Google Educator 2 from blogging to YouTube. Here my efforts to have a go at livestreaming via my YouTube Channel are scuppered.

Anything can be postponed when there is no deadline to get this done. 

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