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Three steps forward and a ladder. No snakes!

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A successful day in JV's world of TEL. 2 1/2 hours with a SEND student and his Support Assistant clicking through 360 tours of the GB MET sites. It was wonderful to share his enthusiasms and to look at ways to follow this up by involving him in creations and additions to these.

Set of 360 images of the Mountbatten Centre, Portsmouth

An easy win too with Planet eStream, changing a student schema to a staff and uploading 4 campus shot interviews as 'College Network' and 'Staff Only' and made readily viewable in one place with the ability to add to these any variety of links or further content.

Still from a documentary on Bansky from YouTube

All this and as I complete three months doing the Social Media for Lewes Green Party I put up a piece linking to 'More or Less' on the Election in which the money raised by different parties is measured in time to count out a stash of £10 notes. No guessing for which parties come out of top. I was surprised to find the Green Party were ahead of the Scottish National Party though.

£10 notes

Should politicians be able to buy our votes in this way?

Ruth Alexander, BBC 4, imagined how long it would take to count the cash received by each political party at the rate of £10 note every sec: 

1/4hr: SNP

4 hr 20 mns: Green

24 hrs: LibDems

3 days: Brexit party

5 days: Labour Donation

2 Wks: Conservatives 


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58 today

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I was 39 when I first signed up for an Open University MA in 2000. It was the MA in Open & Distance Learning. Having taken and not completed one module I picked this up again in 2010 and completed an MA in Open & Distance Education in 2013.

A further degree in British History of Britain and the First World War has followed. I am the Digital Editor for The Western Front Association. 

I am a Green Party Town Councillor and the Head Coach at a local swimming club. So a busy life that also includes involvement with the local sailing club and life drawing.





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Swim Coaching, Scenario-based e-learning, Green Party Council, Digital Editor ...

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And back to Life Drawing next week (I'm on holiday).

What gives? Extinction Rebellion. I can support at arms length but I think being active and getting myself arrested is too disruptive and potentially career damaging - though it gets people's attention when I talk about it. Suddenly I am a serious Green, a Green that breathes fire. As I expressed at the Green Party Conference last month the Green Dragon needs to rise. 

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There's a first time for everything ...

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Edited by Jonathan Vernon, Friday, 14 Jun 2019, 15:00

To join a political party (Greens).

To stand as a Town Councillor and be elected. 

To attend a Party Conference.

To speak and vote at the party Conference. 

To attend my first Town Council Meeting.

Does this give me a sense of purpose?

We happen to be running 'Green Week' at GB MET all week so coming out of the conference I was keen to get the students to think about all things 'Green' and log onto Planet eStream where I have programmes and playlists for them.

A hard sell:

They are in exams, or just about to have exams ... or have had exams.

if it won't come up on their phone they are not interested. I pointed out that they could log in via their phone.

Having that stats I know that 14 did on Wednesday, 3 did yesterday and I'd be surprised if any at all did today.

The only person I spoke to today, oddly enough, was Caroline Lucas, who I found in reception a couple of hours ago. We'd already met at the Spring Conference and have missed each other at least twice in Lewes where it is easy for her to come over and give support from her Brighton & Hove constituency.

Next up a Green MP for Lewes District? 


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