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Growth Hacking

This is how Growth Tribe describes how one are of work in an organisation can expand to take over another. In this case I see exactly how marketing should be responsible for customer/client experience all the way through from attracting their attenion, getting their buy in and managing their experience all the way through. Like a Maitre D'Hotel overseeing a restaurant as clients arrive are looked after and depart. 

In education marketing and looking after us students operate in two silos. Yet my experience as a student, expressed online, here over ten years and in social media, is constantly impacting on potential students and current students. Folk like me should be managed by one team from start to finish. 

Increasingly all educational institutions must see themselves as operating in an aquarium. Practices are going to be transparent because students make them so and educators need to keep up with this. State educators need to learn something from the private sector. It is a highly competitive world out there > we all want students to come to us and to share their happy experiences wider. 

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