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Edited by Jonathan Vernon, Monday, 15 July 2013, 17:03

Why I got up this early.

It's taken me 90 minutes to get round to the report I WANTED to consider and share. I think this is important on many leavels.

The quality of thinking behind the development of Interactive Space Education at Harvard Medical School.

The effectiveness of the outcomes.

I've been familiar with Spaced-Ed for five months and have tried a few modules. I recommend it. Make some of your own. The arguments for its use are solid and grounded in scientific research.




Kerfoot,B,P (2008) Interactive Spaced-Education to Teach the Physical Examination: A Randomized Controlled Trial. Armstrong,E.G., O’Sullivan,P.M.,JOURNAL OF GENERAL INTERNAL MEDICINE Volume 23, Number 7 Harvard Medical International.

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