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Edited by Jonathan Vernon, Friday, 23 Oct 2015, 05:39

I couldn't be kept away for too long. I feel the urge to turn the reading and writing I do in any case into a degree. I have 60 credits from the University of Birmingham towards their MA in British Military History studied part-time Oct13 to Aug14. A day long residential once a month with NO online support is not how I like to learn: not after four years with the OU. I could transfer to the University of Wolverhampton for some of the star academics in First World War history but once again would have to get myself 275 miles up various motorways once a month. In any case, I am coming round to seeing the First World War as a development in and natural outcome of various Empires developing their teeth, or losing them (Germany and Turkey) while other, France, Britain, and Russia hoped to keep theirs. The First World War was not 'won' or 'concluded' satisfactorily ... Russia remained in conflict mode, not least against re-emerging nations such as Poland, the Middle-East was fractured, while in Germany resentment grew. 

The OU got back to me to say they couldn't accept my 60 credits for this course at this level of study. I will, therefore, think about the transfer to the University of Wolverhampton to complete an MA in British Military History with the UK experts starting in October 2016.

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