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Kitting up to shoot video 12 Must haves

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Edited by Jonathan Vernon, Monday, 28 Oct 2019, 13:44

Video Production Kit

  1. PC with video card, RAM and screens

  2. Full HD camera with Manual 

  3. Memory - lots of cards

  4. Filters - for shallow depth of field

  5. Fluid head tripod e.g. Manfroto 501 

  6. Sound Recorder and Sound Recording Production  - Tascam or Zoom HR4N

  7. Headphones

  8. External microphone - e.g. shot mic AT83JB 

  9. Mic stand boom pole

  10. Lighting & Disk Reflector

  11. Editing Software like Hit Film Express or Adobe Pro 

  12. External hard drive

And some skill at framing, interviewing, planning, manual settings, light and sound, uploading, manipulating and editing ... 



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