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B822 psychometric teats And building your team

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In Book 1, Section 5 we have done a psychometric test. I shared the results almost as a dare: 'would you employ this person! ' The scales were in some places as low as they could go, in others as high as they could go. Did I have to do something to be in the middle range across the board? Would this then achieve what school tried to do to me in my youth? Luckily my non-conformity, like traits in anyone are seen as an asset; the important thing in a team that aims to change, innovate and create, is to have such variety and play to people's strengths while plugging their weaknesses. What, however, do you do if you are surrounded by a type? Can they innovate in a monastery? Can any 'class' or group find itself recruiting to a type to the detriment of the whole? The effort of supporting variety pays off as people play-off each other.
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