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Horses and Trees

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An ancient tree and a horse (or two or three) is more appealing than an ancient tree and a nude model I have found. I've even had a commission to do a portrait of someone's tree.

A woodcut print of a large, ancient beech tree with a set of linocut prints of four horses.

The detail of the horses is too hard to create so the actual prints are far larger and each horse is then reduced to fit the drawing. Though I also have an A1 pastel drawing where the horse prints A4 size can be added directly.

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Design Museum

Arting About

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I'm at at again. My late Mum taught me at home and I took an A' Level in Art age 17 before the 'usual' three A' Levels the following year. 

At the School of Communication Arts, London I went from copywriter to art director to possible illustrator in two terms - but did nothing with it.

Twenty years ago my mum was pointing me towards academics she know who taught art about taking an MA in Fine Art. I procrastinated, though I put a book together.

I settled into Life Drawing six years ago and printmaking this January.

A chine collé print showing the figure of a man against a stylised tree with fungi

Who knows what'll come of it. It keeps me out of trouble I suppose, though it is an expense to indulge: paper, inks, access to a press ... 

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