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If only it were this simple - I'm a worrier !

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What's not to worry about?

Friday 13th December

Mass starvation

Mass extinction

Catastrophic weather events

Authoritarian Government

World War III

No future for our kids

Wealth in the hands of too few

The Crown series II spells the end of the Royal Family - its a dirge which paints a poor picture of the Queen. 

Meanwhile I'm stitching together a 360 tour for SEND students to make the journey from College to McDonalds (or Greggs) and by way of contrast a 360 tour of the German Cemetery at Langemark. 

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Design Museum

So riled by Brexit that I am now actively engaged in Politics

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Edited by Jonathan Vernon, Wednesday, 17 Apr 2019, 07:14

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First I joined a Party, then I was selected to be a Town Councillor candidate and now I am up to be an MEP.

Agitated and highly active on Twitter this last year learning who I am politically through BBC Parliament I have now decided to 'do a course'. Chance has me signed up to 'Moral Foundations of Politics' with Ian Shapiro which is being deliver by Coursera from Yale University.

I can top this off with the 93 year old Dr Zbigniew Pelczynski, who taught East European Political History to Bill Clinton over Easter - he is my father-in-law and thrilled at my newly found interest in politics.

Until this last 6 months three subjects have left me cold: accounts, football and politics. 

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