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“How shit gets done in a digital world.”

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Edited by Jonathan Vernon, Friday, 10 Jan 2020, 13:37

It requires the skills of the Digital Project Manager. I tried to be one of these in 2000 when i moved from a career in linear and interactive video production to building websites. Some how I have been forever lost in translation. Though I did take a five year break too smile

Digital Project Management 

  1. Software Engineering
  2. Digital Marketing
  3. Ecommerce Businesses
  4. More of the work we do is digital. 
  5. “How shit gets done in a digital world.” 
  6. People, the end point of any product of service.


Principles : Ray Dalio

Inspired : Marty Cagan

Product Leadership : Richard Banfield, Martin Eriksson & Nate Walkingshaw

Digital Project Management. The Complete Step-by-Step to a Successful Launch by Taylor Olson.


Coursera : UCI Introduction to Project Management


Toggl and more book recommendations. 

19 Great Project Management Books for Reading in 2019

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