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A geography field trip

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Edited by Jonathan Vernon, Sunday, 17 June 2012, 09:19

The last time I went on a Geography Field trip was January 1982. This was a School of Geography trip to Majorca. We stayed on the south of the island and took a coach every day to the beautiful, scenic, and for the purposes of this trip, featured covered mountains (limestone), rather like North Yorkshire but not so wet ... with trips to the coast where cliffs showed the geology (rather like Hope Gap here in East Sussex).


If you experience of running a field trip of any kind is rather more recent than mine you might care to comment. I added in some practical matters such as risk assessment.

I can see that at this size it isn't legible.

Click on it and you go to the Picasa Web page where it is held and it can be viewed any size you like, or downloaded.


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