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“How shit gets done in a digital world.”

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Edited by Jonathan Vernon, Friday, 10 Jan 2020, 13:37

It requires the skills of the Digital Project Manager. I tried to be one of these in 2000 when i moved from a career in linear and interactive video production to building websites. Some how I have been forever lost in translation. Though I did take a five year break too smile

Digital Project Management 

  1. Software Engineering
  2. Digital Marketing
  3. Ecommerce Businesses
  4. More of the work we do is digital. 
  5. “How shit gets done in a digital world.” 
  6. People, the end point of any product of service.


Principles : Ray Dalio

Inspired : Marty Cagan

Product Leadership : Richard Banfield, Martin Eriksson & Nate Walkingshaw

Digital Project Management. The Complete Step-by-Step to a Successful Launch by Taylor Olson.


Coursera : UCI Introduction to Project Management


Toggl and more book recommendations. 

19 Great Project Management Books for Reading in 2019

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Design Museum

Design Thinking

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Design Thinking from Growth Tribe

Is this one for me? 

My interests are spread too thinkly. 

I can fall between the cracks when it comes to employabilty, whereas the game plan based on my late father's advice would have been to remain beyond the career ladder whilst gravitating to the top. He can talk, Senior Partner in a firm of solicitors, CEO of a large PLC he grew and took to the market and part-time Merchant Banker! 

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Design Museum

Last Mile Problem

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Last Mile Problem graphic from Growth Tribe

Had you heard of the 'last mile problem' ? It strikes me as MBA jargon. Easy to understand the metaphor? As in the last mile of a marathon run? Hitting the wall and all of that?

This is what will make UK businesses hungry after Brexit restrictions on movement from the EU. It favours the younger, mobile, Tech graduate or post-grad with the languages to travel. Most likely wanting to use their English, the busienss lingua france, they will head for Ireland. If they can they will head for North America. They could even head to India or Australia/New Zealand.

That said, my son who is working in Paris for an international business says that in the office only English is spoken! When out for lunch the native speakers may tempt him with a few words and phrases but from his point of view there is little reason to learn French. Is it the same in Germany, Italy and Spain I wonder? 

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Design Museum

Top 7 Digital Skills for Business

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Head of Digital : Growth Tribe

I'm so impressed with this 12 minute presentation by Luke at Growth Tribe that I am now on my third view through, taking my own notes, checking out the courses, books and blogs along the way. 

Top 7 Skills for Employability

This applies to all of us: in education or business, educators or 'workers'. Watch this and decide if you are keeping up, want to keep up or can keep up. If not retire to an allotment. 

This will either excite you or terrify you.

I wish I was 28 not 58! But my mindset can be that of a 20 something - after all I've now done kids, they are through uni and fled the nest for a different country (Paris).

My default short courses online are OpenLearn, FutureLearn and Coursera. I buy books for the iPad and in hardback as often as I get my Costa or Starbucks coffee. Amazon have had me in their grip since 1999!

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Be social

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Be Social

We don't get a lot of converastions here - unless it is part of a tutor lead exercise. For convesations we need to move over to Social Media. My preference is LinkedIn - using a member group of like-minds. There are groups on eLearning, and on the MAODE.

I am on Facebook, Twitter and even Instagram.

I'm impressed with Growth Tribe. So much so that I am looking to do a course with them. 

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