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Dream Interpretation (big sis and B822)

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I thought I was well into my teens when I developed an interest in dreams, but as I am with my older sister she can put me straight: I was eleven. She would have been 14. So along with David Bowie, the Rolling Stones and Elton John she had me interpreting dreams. The way the wonderful way the mind does this as we talk about I recall a dream she had, even a freaky conviction that we both had the same dream and started telling each other what happened. What relevance has this to B822? Not much yet, but I doubt many people will follow through with this technique as one to solve a business problem or to generate innovation or support creativity: I plan to do so. P.S. This THIRD Christmas feasting has me helping a Project Director from the FT prepare carrots and parsnips; we try not to talk shop.
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