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Obtaining Post Grad Certs from the OU

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When contacting the Ou to obtain my Post Grad Cert little did I know that the OU business dept is terrible at understanding and knowing how to help and direct students on how to obtain them.  The bus dept can provide you a module certificate but that's it.

For any real sense and support you need to contact the Qualifications and Ceremonies dept by emailing them on Acc-gen@open.ac.uk and following it it by phoning +44 1908 65303.  They will ask for your PI or Student ID number and from here they can help you get your certificate/s.

Important to note is that as soon as you finish your course you need to request the cert. Then if you do not receive it within 3 months you need to contact the OU Qualifications and Ceremonies dept to chase them for it. If you do not receive it within a year then the policy is is that they will charge "try" and charge you for the cert which is currently a fee of £40. 

The OU sends out its certs 2nd class mail and not recorded so has no proof of receipt or delivery that they certs have been sent and must be a cost saving approach, as they expect that the post is 100% perfect every time, which can be argued as incorrect and unrealistic.

In my case I'm having to chase and follow up to obtain my certs which I never have rcvd and have to lodge a complaint with the Uni about this matter... I will wait to see if they see reason or if I have to take the matter to the Dean as having to pay almost 20k for an MBA that is triple accredited I do expect my certs and not to have to pay for them again because the Uni is too cheap to send them out as recorded deliveries. 

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