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Activity 3.3 Altmetrics and the Networked Practitioner

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Edited by Anita Naoko Pilgrim, Monday, 16 Oct 2017, 16:07

Once you have read some of the background research on creating an impact with social and open tools and you have looked at alternative metrics, consider these questions:

  1. What are the possible issues with using an altmetrics approach to measure impact?
  2. If you wanted to increase the impact of an online resource you had created, how could you do this?
Elsewhere, I wrote about the assumption I felt was operating with altmetrics (https://learn1.open.ac.uk/mod/oublog/viewpost.php?post=198723), which seem solely concerned with getting research publications better cited and more widely read.

Luckily I am a single mum, and work part-time, so I no longer feel I have to spend large amounts of time establishing a prestigious international career through continuing to write up my PhD chapters as widely circulated articles. (Although I was excited to find that some of the papers I wrote a long time ago have actually been cited smile And I suppose I ought to work on those chapters and get them published one day - when I have finished the ironing.)

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(At least I have help with the cooking.)

I would like to get acknowledgement for the teaching material I share and the work I do to promote this. In order to achieve this, I will have to do some writing about it, maybe on one of the social media that I am on, or more probably in our Associate Lecturer newsletter.

Meanwhile, I share my ideas about teaching by writing about them on specific module Tutor Forums (if they have been developed for that module), on this blog and on Yammer. I sometimes share blogposts on Yammer if they are of more interest to a university specific audience, and via Twitter if I think they have got value beyond the university. I also lobbied for Associate Lecturers to have the chance to present from our work to AL Staff Development Events. When we were given the opportunity I applied to run workshops about my teaching interests. (Those will serve a double purpose, not just spreading my own work among this small specific audience, also collecting further data about it from them.)

I am finding this a successful, if modest (perhaps because modest), strategy. At this point in time, I am aiming for a small select audience, and I am reaching some of them already.

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