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Our house sale has fallen through as our buyer couldn't get his mortgage agreed, so we are back to square one. My husband is not happy at all. He was so looking forward to a new chapter in our lives, especially as he is nearing sixty. But, onwards we go. The house is back on the market and I'm sure it will be sold again very soon.

Study is not going well either. I've been so busy at work. I am working from home mostly. I sit down at my desk at 7am and work through until 4pm with a short lunch break. Then I start preparing dinner and once that is done and washing up etc is done I don't have any desire to start reading again, my job is mainly reading and looking at text so my eyes are very tired come the evening. My husband is very good and encourages me to do a little bit each day just so I don't fall behind and I am very appreciative of this because if he didn't I would just sit on the sofa and watch trash tv whilst drinking a glass of wine. Another distraction is the grandchildren, my son brings them over for dinner most Sunday's and by the time they have left I am worn out!! I'm not complaining, I just wish I had the energy of my 21year old self. 

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