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The assumptions of open scholarship

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"open scholarship has a strong ideological basis rooted in an ethical pursuit for democratization, fundamental human rights, equality, and justice."

Ideological or idealistic? My OU studies have continually challenged the commercial setting from which I operate! As part of the capitalist system we provide learning to people who pay! I can personally get on board with the idea of education and learning being a sacred and privilege which should be considered an end in itself with no thought to the means by which it is achieved.... but that's not something I have experienced.

"open scholarship emphasizes the importance of digital participation for enhanced scholarly outcomes."

I can see how the concept of open education has become conflated with digital participation as the latter enables the former. I think this is serendipity and that the theory of open education need not rely on digital participation.

"open scholarship is treated as an emergent scholarly phenomenon that is co-evolutionary with technological advancements in the larger culture."

See comments above!

"open scholarship is seen as a practical and effective means for achieving scholarly aims that are socially valuable."

Practical and effective means of achieving aims? That sounds more familiar to me that the more idealistic vision spelled out in the first assumption. I wonder if this more pragmatic approach may end up achieving more than the more idealistic one simply by being more palatable.

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A final note on H817

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I completed my EMA about social learning analytics with full weeks to spare. (2 of them to be precise!). It came together gratifyingly nicely and I enjoyed it. Of course it's possible that my tutor will disagree and give me a dreadful mark (not due until December!).

But I had mere weeks off from studies and have now begun H818 - The Networked Practitioner. I want to get MAODE done and dusted by the end of 2020 so can't afford to rest on my laurels!

Watch this space for my H818 adventures!

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