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K219 - Critical Issues in Health and Wellbeing - 2020-21

Week 1:  Introducing health and wellbeing

Additional Reading:  The Men’s Sheds website

The Men’s Sheds website had links to Health & Wellbeing Resources, which included The Zero Suicide Alliance and their FREE Suicide Prevention Training created with Mersey Care NHS Foundation Trust

As someone who regularly experiences the thoughts & feelings discussed in this training, this wasn't easy for me to complete.  They recommend that if you have survived suicide or been bereaved by suicide, then it might be best to have someone supportive nearby.  Personally, I worked through it on my own, but I didn't do it all on one day.  I just did little bits each day, as much as I felt manageable without feeling distressed by it, and so I could take it in properly without emotion clouding my learning.  And now I have a certificate to show!  But more importantly, I feel better prepared to have a conversation about suicide if I become concerned that someone is having thoughts of ending their life.

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