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Edited by Maxwell Lewis Latham, Tuesday, 20 Aug 2013, 12:32
Dear Country, Oh how dearly dear
Ought thy remembrance and perpetual band
Be to thy foster child, that from thy hand
Did common breath and nouriture receive?
How brutish is it not to understand
How much to her we owe that all us gave,
That gave unto us all whatever good we have.

- Spenser.

Bryant, A. (1955 [1955]) Makers of the Realm, William Clowes & sons, London, p.7.


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Hélène Adeline

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Edited by Maxwell Lewis Latham, Thursday, 27 June 2013, 18:33
Euhemerus, Evemerus: an ancient historian of Messenia intimate with Cassander. He travelled over Greece and Arabia, and wrote an history of the gods, in which he proved that they had all been upon earth, as mere mortal men. Ennius translated it into Latin. It is now lost. (Lempriere, 1845 [1788], p.256)

Analysis of Myths: The Various Theories

“I shall indeed interpret all that I can, but I cannot interpret all that I should like.” - Grimm.

...Learnēd men have explained these myths as history disguised as metaphors, or as moral allegories... Euhemerus (circa 316 B.C.E.) was a pioneer of the former theory, and Sir Francis Bacon an exponent of the latter. Euhemerus' disciples discerned Zeus as an actual Cretan King; his war with the giants, an attempt to repress sedition. Danæ's shower of gold, the money with which her guards were bribed. Prometheus created a man out of clay, hyperbolically. Atlas, an astronomer, who was therefore spoken of as supporting the weight of the heavens...

The grain of truth it contained was brought to light...

Guerber, H.A. (1993 [1907]) Myths of Greece and Rome, Dover Publications, New York, pp.340-341. [abridged]

Lempriere, J. (1845 [1788]) Classical Dictionary, T. Allman, London, p.256.

Maximus Fleximus.
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