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Worth Observing


I predict YES, It has already....today I saw proof for myself

Someone TOOK their Own LIFE due to Financial Pressure instigated by

the degrading assessment processes the UK Department for Work & Pensions

(by their own description and label, there is no care!) it reinforce the use of whilst disregarding

human rights & Duty of Care Ethics

This WILL not HELP those in NEED

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Open Learning

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Look at THE MESS

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Edited by Lee None, Friday, 13 Sep 2019, 02:24

“There are approximately 260 million children who are missing out entirely and it goes without saying that girls and the most marginalised and those on the receiving end of discrimination are carrying is disproportionate inopportunity.”


I Wish browser 'Spell Checker's, Did English !

S's not Z's

It is confusing you fender benders

LOL, Lee

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Mars !! Where is that BAR ?

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'To be called to the bar. To be admitted a barrister. The bar is the partition separating the seats of the benchers from the rest of the hall. Students having attained a certain status used to be called from the body of the hall within the bar, to take part in the proceedings of the court.24 Nov 2016

Isn't eng;ish strange ???


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Hello World

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Edited by Lee None, Friday, 13 Sep 2019, 01:30



There is Such A MASS of WHOLESOME valuable worthwhile KNOWLEDGE

@ your finger tips or via Assistive Technology

(I watch this establishment on black & white television in the 1970's

Sunday Morning MATHSapprove......Those Equations wide eyes Fascinated & Amazed surprise ME ! )

You the O.U.  identified my needs, help me LEARN & how to LEARN in a better WAY.

Where traditional schools, oldskools & fools tried, LOL. bless them.

They did really TRY, they tried my patients to be very frank.

Teacher: 'STAND UP', TOLD TO READ !!! 'READ' OMG....shocking in reflection

Having observed Human Behavior for all of my life & listening to Dr.Bruce Lipton

The WORLD HAS A LOT TO LEARN STILL TO THIS DAY, in my opinion...humble or not

i am Dyslexic !! Well...The O.U. helped discover that aged 35 !!!!!!!!

Thank You , TEACHER, HEAD MASTER, Parents. Grand Job, LOL

Look NOW where i am,

     I can even write audience engaging, entertaining scriptures

and coding scripts (my AIM) despite

FAILING miserably on the PAPERWORK

side of ' object (doesn't = for me) orientated programming :~)

I was provided with everything i needed to enjoy, embrace

and actively support LEARNING.........

to think i could not wait to 'leave' secondary education some 30 plus years ago

and return here now.... Friday Sept the thirteenth is remarkable

Paper Books suit me & I understand the cost, environmental reasons etc

but i need tactile objects to learn. I have to admit due to Funding Coalition

Issues I reputedly, rapidly withdrew support for politics from that point as it AFFECTED

my and so many others education. I also struggled with the early use of Module, clunky,

flat, unpredictable and so unfamiliar. I left the Open University with Qualifications that

weren't not planned ! expected or even within my initial foresight


Again Thank You

(So ! ;~) I Spread the Word Here.............

I actively Support Still because this PLACE, The People have so much to SHARE

and I'm am AN example of the Help, They ( The Open University ) CAN GIVE ;~)

Best Regards

Lee  (lots of official characters) # ;~)

So effort does Produce Very Good Results, When

conducted by knowledgeably People and in a suitable manner / form

or i tell lies ???

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