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Coming towards the end of my first quarter as a student

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Christmas is coming and It almost marks the end to the first quarter of my life as a student. 

How am I feeling today?
A bit nervous! Things started so well  - amazing score on my first TMA. Managed to push my first iCMA score up with hours to spare. Now in between TMAs and preparing for number 2 to be submitted. 
But, I have found these last few chapters hard to deal with. Algebra, equations, formulas  - now did i ever learn and remember these during my school days? I'm finding myself spending less time in my amazing office space I set up pre study that I was so excited about simply because I fear the maths I have to do and do well in. 

Maybe I'm putting too much pressure on myself. Other students keep trying to keep me up beat - " keep going, you will get it" , "once you click, it will be easy" , "keep practicing" - where am i going wrong?

I do all the above but all the methods are getting mixed up. Mixing up the solutions or not simplifying enough. I start off good then hit a brick wall and can't figure out the final steps. 

Fractions are still killing me when they are introduced in equations. 

Despite this, I did see the light a little today and managed to actually get some answers right when rearranging equations. But still lacking confidence! 

Back to real life and we managed to survive another birthday - although the cake isn't going down half as fast this time round. My eldest turns 8 today! And he had, what he calls, a birthday treat - SCHOOL CLOSED! 

Yes our school closed today suddenly after a fear in the spike of new covid cases in the area and the Local Authority can't decide on the action to take. This morning it was just for today - now this afternoon it's for tomorrow as well. Schools on the border county have closed for 2 weeks and I fear this is what is lurking around the corner. My 8 year old joining me in distance learning. 

Poor little 3 year old I have - just started nursery school and getting into the swing of it - then this. Can't believe we are back here again with majority of local shops closing due to positive cases all traced back to pubs having private party! Bunch of selfish irresponsible idiots. 

Right that's enough - going for a glass of wine!

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Christine Selby

When you think you are winning

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Couple of days have passed since my last post and while I left my last post in a happy place, it has since been swiped away by the introduction of factorising expressions, multiplying out brackets and algebra. 
I though I was getting somewhere, but now just adding another concept to it has thrown me again. 

My nemesis from my GCSE days has returned to haunt me from almost 20 years ago. 
Despite this, I'm trying to keep my head up and continuing to ensure I make time for revision and practice. 

Weekend birthday celebrations came and went and we are gearing up for my eldest birthday this weekend. MORE CAKE! 
More cake and lack of exercise - not a good combo. Worse still lack of study time this weekend again. But it ok, still got my nose ahead and I have planned the next few weeks out (hopefully perfectly) to be able to spend a solid week and few days manipulating my second TMA into something worth a decent mark. 

Also in the news this week, I'm a celebrity has returned, filmed in my home country of Wales. Never really watched it when it was in Australia but for some reason the location and the celebs seem to appeal to me this year. Although I must admit there are times when it is such a slow moving programme. 
Last night was a big footie match between Wales and Finland, couldn't help myself flicking back and forth between the 2 programmes. Wales are playing so well (more that what I can say about our rugby team at the moment). A decent 3-1 win for the Welsh and a move to the top of the group. 
However, this weekend sees Wales take on Georgia in the rugby. I swear, the way they been playing I'm not keeping my hopes up despite it should be a win for us. I will still be supporting the boys as rugby rules! Wishing them luck. 

Right back to it, to fry more of my brain cells with the ever so exciting algebra. 
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Christine Selby

Algebra is my friend

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Returned to my study space today after a couple of days off celebrating my youngest sons 3rd birthday. No studying - too much cake. Ooops! 

But hey it all good, just keeping my nose ahead of the weeks. 
Shock revelation today - ALGEBRA is not quite as bad as I feared. Although I fear it will become more complicated over next few months, but learning to enjoy it. 

This weeks aims are to stay ahead of the weeks and push hard as we have another birthday celebration next weekend with my eldest son turning 8. Where does the time go!

More cake and more party food. Cant say no to that. 

Working my way through these weeks seems to be going slow but the time seems to be going fast. Saturdays come round way too quick when I should begin the next weeks chapter. 

Managed a gym session Friday - OMG first time in a gym since February. Achy muscles as a result so no cycling/running. 

Good news though - Rugby is back in action this week again. Cant wait to get back to training again, just hoping we can keep going for longer this time. Please no more lockdowns. Getting fed up with it now. 

Feeling for my English friends going through theirs as it really does suck! 

Time for a lunch break I think... mustn't forget to eat while studying. I get so into my work, time flies and before I know it it will be getting dark. Guess that is what happens when you are so into your studies. Still early days!

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