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That feel good feeling!

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Woke up this morning to my TMA02 results.


WHAT! I never thought it possible to achieve this on assignments. It certainly has never happened before. 
Going into Christmas Break has left me with such a good feeling about the first half of this module, making me hungry for more! 

I'm not quitting yet and doesn't look like I will be kicked off any time soon. 

There isn't a negative feeling in my body right now. Just pure shock and that little feeling of being proud of myself. 

In addition, a brief meeting with work this morning and it turns out I will not be returning to work until January either. SO my work Christmas Break has officially stated. A quick Christmas get together over Teams next Friday seeing as we cant go out and it's all done. The abysmal year 2020 is nearing the end! 
Despite the rather odd year - I have managed to make some amazing memories with the kids being home as well. Oh yeah and signed myself up for this degree. Learnt a lot about myself when your life gets thrown into a different situation and you are not just existing in a repeated world of eat, sleep, work, repeat. 

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Christine Selby

TMA01 Results are in!

Visible to anyone in the world


TMA01 mark - 95

Cannot believe I managed to achieve this with all the doubts and panics. OK so that damned maths question let me down - that one I was pondering on and over thinking about way too much. 
But to get this mark... I will take it!
However, the down side - I may have set the bar too high!

Had a day off following the result - a well earned day off too. Stress levels were building too much leading up to the feedback.  
Nothing exciting really I could have done seeing as we are in LOCKDOWN! 
One more week to go then restrictions will lift again - in time for me to finish my Christmas shopping hopefully. Then that will be it - no need for shopping trips for the rest of the year. 

We have really missed not going away at all this year - would have had a few trips in the camper over summer and by now we would have been planning our trip away for Christmas winter wonderland, shopping and getting in the mood for it all. I can only hope we will have a near normal Christmas gathering. But first, we have a little problem - mine, my husband and our 2 boys all have birthdays before even thinking of Christmas. 

Trying not to think what else is on (or not on) in my life and continue studying the best I can. Learning more about myself each week and delving into the past to discover why I failed so miserably to get a decent education. Was it the teachers, the system, peer pressure or just me and my attitude towards it all. 
Time will tell as this course is going to push me way, way ,way out of my comfort zone and challenge me beyond anything I have ever faced before. 

Physical activities have once again this week been near non existent, with no rugby training and the fear that the season will be cancelled really put a dampener on things. The weather hasn't helped either. Even for the kids things may not start back up again after lockdown. Nice to see the end to the awful six nations that Wales had. Really need to sort it out - gutted that W.Gatland left - wishing we would have stayed forever. Felt a bit sad for A.W.Jones on his record breaking cap and no fans to celebrate with. But we are Welsh and we will return and make that comeback that we know we are capable of. 

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