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Algebra is my friend

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Returned to my study space today after a couple of days off celebrating my youngest sons 3rd birthday. No studying - too much cake. Ooops! 

But hey it all good, just keeping my nose ahead of the weeks. 
Shock revelation today - ALGEBRA is not quite as bad as I feared. Although I fear it will become more complicated over next few months, but learning to enjoy it. 

This weeks aims are to stay ahead of the weeks and push hard as we have another birthday celebration next weekend with my eldest son turning 8. Where does the time go!

More cake and more party food. Cant say no to that. 

Working my way through these weeks seems to be going slow but the time seems to be going fast. Saturdays come round way too quick when I should begin the next weeks chapter. 

Managed a gym session Friday - OMG first time in a gym since February. Achy muscles as a result so no cycling/running. 

Good news though - Rugby is back in action this week again. Cant wait to get back to training again, just hoping we can keep going for longer this time. Please no more lockdowns. Getting fed up with it now. 

Feeling for my English friends going through theirs as it really does suck! 

Time for a lunch break I think... mustn't forget to eat while studying. I get so into my work, time flies and before I know it it will be getting dark. Guess that is what happens when you are so into your studies. Still early days!

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Christine Selby

Getting back into it

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Wooo feeling good this weekend. 

Managed to get out on the bike for a good few miles Friday and Today. 
Fresh and much needed. Still, doesn't help me consolidate my maths but all I could think of was all things engineering while out. Thinking about how the little cogs and shifters work, thinking about how many joules of energy burnt, how much wattage I'm producing. 

Moving on this week with studies and being back in work. Lockdown almost over again. 

Hope I can keep this momentum up. 

Nice glass of red with a beef dinner tonight and a close on the study time in exchange for family time. 

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Christine Selby

Weeks are flying by

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Edited by Christine Selby, Thursday, 29 Oct 2020, 20:47

So this week study time has been a struggle. Still that last question to type up and proof read before submitting by next week. Still clinging onto being ahead with the weeks, but would have preferred to have submitted and moved on by now. 

Hey ho, 2 weeks half term and still no  evasive thoughts in sight...........yet,

Tomorow I hope to be able to get it done in between a child's birthday party and rugby training in the evening. 

I will get it done and I will submit it by the end of the week. 

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Christine Selby

Slipping away

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Edited by Christine Selby, Thursday, 29 Oct 2020, 20:46

Today was the first day I realised just how difficult (and frustrating) studying remotely can be. 

My first tutorial booked and I was feeling excited. Time booked 13:00 - 15:00

Went for a walk with the kids and pony this morning while hubby was in work then had Had help him and family with a bit of logging until 12:00. Enough time for lunch and getting myself set up online ready. 

Well, as you can imagine it went Tits up. Was anxious to leave the logging but ended up having to bring the youngest home with me. Praying he would sleep on way home after a busy morning. Did he hell. Hubby didnt get back until 13:20. Missed the beginning and then to top it off, when I turned the computer on it took a further 20 mins completing updates. 

I was so angry and annoyed and frustrated. Hubby knew I had this tutorial booked. Now I feel my excellent headway and pace I gathered at the beginning Is slipping away. Still a week ahead. Jut saw Ned to write up final draft of TMA. I was hoping to have been done with that today. Then tomorow I could concentrate on the maths. 

All I can say is thank god that I Am fortunate enough to work in education and now have 2 weeks half term To get TMA, iCMA and get myself a few weeks ahead in preparation for TMA 02. 

C'mon! You still got this. Knuckle down tomorow and get it done. 

Bit shit I may have to give my cycling a miss to get this TMA done - but I guess I better get accustomed to this for the next few years. 


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Christine Selby

Study - any time, anywhere

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Edited by Christine Selby, Thursday, 29 Oct 2020, 20:43

This week kicked off a bit of the new routine. Rugby and football training with the eldest is back on. 

As a result my timetable has changed already. 

Due to new restrictions I am now not allowed to leave the training venue and must wait in the car. 

Cha--ching! and hour of peace for some reading. Or so you would think. Cue my little monster child! 

Many kids these days like to sit in front of an ipad when you don't want them to....but when you would like them to watch something just for an hour for me to read in peace - nooooooo way! angry

So I have come to the conclusion that this plan will not work as I had hoped. 

Well battle on I shall with my quest to study anytime, anywhere. 

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