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De ja vu!

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Edited by Christine Selby, Thursday, 29 Oct 2020, 20:46
Here I am again, letting my studies slip. Still ahead of the weeks but kids activities and change in work not helping. Late night studying is taking its toll as I am struggling with the mornings. Life/study balance are scales not easy to balance. But I'm learning and trying my best to stick to the plan. Luckily my TMA involves me to reflect and review just that. Must keep ahead of the weeks to ensure I can keep up. Cant wait for the first tutorial to come round. Had a lovely bike and brunch Sunday - that helped so much with easing some of my stresses and frets about this first TMA. Nice to be abele to enjoy an activity without the kids or hubby and have a good natter with the girls. TMA: T-16 days
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