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The Start! July 2020

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...and off we go.  I managed to get registered onto BSc (Hons) Mathematics and have enrolled on MST124 in October and M140 starting February 2021.

Great that in the 'Discovering...' module webpages the first 2 Units can be seen.  Over the last week I have worked half-way through Unit 1 of MST124, will do next half next week, and then onto UNIT 2.  Trying to get a good head start before the Module starts.  Currently no issues   ...apart from stupid mistakes!!!!!

At the moment I am using laptop provided by work, but I finish employment next May, also I am not allowed to download external programs/apps onto the machine    ...so went mad this morning and bought a new laptop online (HP Pavilion 14-CE3600sa) for doing OU work.

Roll on October

Sam  (Sun 26 July 2020)

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