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Two days without WODs or WORDs

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Saturdays I don't do CrossFit because I'm usually out picking up trash with the Lowell Litter Krewe - and having done 5 or 6 workouts and my body is tired, muscles are sore and joints are achy. Then Sunday I try to do yoga as an active recovery if I'm up for it. This Sunday I pretty much spent driving - I was in my car at 10:00 AM and not back home until 9:15 PM. Drove to Connecticut to have lunch with my 90 year old aunt and her daughter; then drove to my 74 year old cousin's for dinner and chat with her and her neighbors. Then I drove home, added all up, about five of those hours were driving.

You would think I would feel rested. 

Today, back at CrossFit, after only one weekend away, my muscle felt creaky and unsteady, as if I'd never done this stuff before. It wasn't the labor involved in using a net on a 15 foot handle to pull trash up out of the canals. It was sitting for hours in my car, driving thither and yon. And too much rich food but it all tasted delicious but I'm usually eating salads and lean meats, not perogies and three shared desserts. 

Next time, for every hour I'm in the car, I need to go for a ten minute walk. The cliche is that "sitting is the new smoking" according to some news reports. I suspect that's not far off.  

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