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Hi there, not sure who would read these blog posts but I guess it will be something for me to reference as I look back through my university journey.

I didn't go to university after school, mainly because I didn't really have the confidence in myself to firstly get on well enough with the uni experience, secondly to do well enough academically and thirdly I suppose I didn't think I would ever build a career off of the back the of any degree I may have achieved. I'll leave detailing the massive social anxiety and lack of confidence behind that and skip forward.

I guess I attended the University of life, I've had some mundane (but decent enough) jobs. I won't say dead end, I've achieved things along the way, if only the understanding of the type of job I don't want to do. But I'm happy enough with where things are. I am lucky enough to be in a secure relationship, my children are only four or five years away from (potentially) Uni themselves and I have to start.

I've learnt alot from my life experience, some of it has been terrible but most of it has been fun and while I remain not overly fussed with building a career I have always had a chip on my shoulder that going to Uni and having a degree is something that I should have done. So that's why I have signed up, starting with an access module to see how I get on.

That's where it all begins.
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