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So I am now a few weeks into my Access module and the one thing I have struggled with is the one thing that I had previously thought was a given. Finding somewhere to study. I have at home a table, a laptop, a supply of hot and cold drinks and snacks - what more could I need?

Well it turns out what I actually need is less. I've always been a great procrastinator and it turns out that being at home just enables that too much. Even when I have the house to myself and nothing else to do, with all chores and tasks caught up with I manage to find some way of delaying sitting down and firing up the laptop.

I have been able to go to a local library on a couple of occasions and faired better on the whole but that is a short train journey away from home and I am somewhat even more restricted in the times that I am able to go there so its not going to be the only solution to the problem.

The one spot I have been able to concentrate a little more is in my back garden, even when a mouse made an appearance - on that occasion the neighbours cat came and gave chase so that I could keep studying. But sometimes even being in my garden is still a bit close to the procrastinating temptations of home.

So with the weather getting a little better (for now) I have dared to go out into the world and I'm currently sat on a picnic bench in a local park, despite the fact there are a thousand dog walkers going by I have been able to concentrate better, so perhaps my study space will be anywhere but home? Perhaps next week when I resume studying I will go to a different park or maybe even the beach and enjoy a different view to go alongside my study?

Before you say it, yes writing this could count as procrastinating when I should be studying but as it goes I've just done 90 minutes and I'm taking a quick study break while I share this view.

The view for today:

View from a local park.

NB: Selecting a table in the middle of a meadow during No Mow May probably won't turn out to be the smartest choice.

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