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A very busy weekend,  I was at a friends surprise birthday party on Halloween night before we all headed to Voodoo in Letterkenny for the revelry, which is a sort of open mike night.  Some of our friends were doing the Rocky Horror Picture Show, which was brilliant, and a great night was had by all!  Halloween is a big night here, it originates from the Celtic tradition, where it was believed the spirits of the dead came back on this night to revisit all their old 'haunts' although i think we have more to fear from the living when full of spirits than the spirits of those we loved and lost.

Then on Saturday i had another party to attend but this one was the EGM of the Green Party, in Bangor.  I finally decided a few weeks ago to get involved in politics instead of just sounding off on the blog, so I joined the Green Party which was the only party I could join in good conscience.  So, i am now officially the only Green Party member in town, for now i might add!  I'll be doing my best to recruit new members and the party in enjoying a surge in membership at the moment, let's hope it continues.

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