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We were given the Belbin Team Role Inventory at work last week.  It is used to assess what role you feel you are best suited to in a team.  It is named for Dr Meredith Belbin who, in the 1970's, devised the test as a way of controlling the dynamics of groups working together and pre-empting problems or personality clashes by finding out which roles people were most suited to.

So, after doing the test, it turned out I'm a 'plant'.  The supervisor who administered the test and gathered up the results became quite excited about that.  Apparently, plants are a rare thing and don't normally show up but anybody who knows me would certainly agree, I am a indeed a rare thing!  She also said, 'plants are very creative and big thinkers'.  

So, there you go.  I am a rare thing or as defined on Wikipedia, 'unorthodox, bright and free -thinking'  At last, my genius is being recognised!

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